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The guest house has got various rooms that are categorised accordion to types. Each room is of particular category and have a maximum number of Adults and Children that can be accomodated. Click HERE.
This consists of the categories of rooms that in this Hotel. Each Category of rooms Has got unique features different form the other. For view all of the categories of all types of rooms Click HERE.
In this area, you can view all the reservation transaction of all guest. And this area allow the the receptionist confirm the request of guest or either to cancel the reservation. Click HERE.
This includes the list of of all facilities within the Guest house. They include the parking area for the guests that come in vehicles, the swimming pool, the kitchen including others.View all Amenities click HERE.
This is the display of all the comments by visitors of the website after they have the viewed all the rooms as well as there rates and also the amenities of the Guest house among other things. Click HERE to view all comments.
The system displays the list of all people that have been registered in to the system.If a particular user is logged in the system the, such as users record is does not appear in the list of records. To view all the registered other than the logged in user Click HERE.